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Quotation Number QUO-1486
Quotation Date June 13, 2023
Total R71,500.00
Hippo Bricks

Hippo Headquarters

Scope of Work

  1. Point of Sale: The Point of Sale module provides a user-friendly interface for managing sales transactions directly at the point of purchase. It streamlines the process of creating and managing orders, processing payments, and generating receipts, making it ideal for retail businesses.
  2. Sales (Quotations & Sales Orders with Invoicing): The Sales module helps you streamline your sales process by managing leads, opportunities, and quotations. It allows you to track your sales pipeline, convert leads into customers, manage sales teams, and generate accurate sales reports.
  3. Invoicing: The Invoicing module simplifies the invoicing process by automating the creation and management of invoices. It enables you to generate professional-looking invoices, track payments, manage customer records, and streamline your accounting processes.
  4. Inventory Management: The Inventory Management module provides robust tools for efficiently managing your stock and inventory. It allows you to track stock levels, monitor product movement, manage warehouses and locations, automate stock replenishment, and optimize inventory operations.
  5. Manufacturing: The Manufacturing module is used in production or assembly processes and in this case for bricklaying process. It helps you manage your manufacturing operations, including bill of materials (BOM) management, production planning, work order tracking, quality control, and product costing.
  6. Purchases: The Purchases module streamlines your procurement process by managing supplier records, purchase orders, and supplier invoices. It enables you to track purchases, manage supplier relationships, control costs, and optimize your procurement workflow.
  7. Expenses: The Expenses module simplifies the management of employee and business expenses. It allows employees to submit expense claims, managers to review and approve them, and the finance team to process reimbursements. It helps you streamline expense tracking, control costs, and improve expense reporting.


These modules collectively provide a comprehensive solution forĀ  Hippo Bricks to manage sales, invoicing, inventory, manufacturing, procurement, and expense processes within a single system that caters for various branches or business locations.

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1 ERP Deployment, Onboarding and Training

Once-off fee.

12 ERP Cloud Hosting & Support

Paid Annually.

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Total R71,500.00