IBR Number : 57478

Invoice Number INV-0999
Invoice Date January 17, 2022
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Maphoi Construction

Maseru 100

I am pleased to provide you the following quotation per your request. The cost summary is based on our conversation of your current needs. We will be utilizing an ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning) to provision the Warehouse & Inventory Management and Time & Attendance features.


Warehouse & Inventory Management

Flexible - Easily manage a single inventory or a complex multi-warehouses environment by activating features on demand.

Inventory Adjustments - Do an inventory for a zone, a specific product, a lot or a pallet/box.

Scrap Products (Damages/Mortality) - Scrap products in just a few clicks and get clear reports on scrap: their costs, reasons and volumes.

Powerful search - Search documents to process easily. Just scan a barcode or filter based on any criteria: customer, product, etc.


Time & Attendance

Track time & attendance. Weekly or monthly timesheets with optional attendance tracking. Keep track of the employee hours worked and sort by project, or tasks. Easily access statistics to record and analyze timesheets as well as check each employee's attendance.

Qty Item / Service PriceAdjustSub Total
1 ERP Provisioning - Setup, Onboarding & Training

2 Modules (Warehouse & Inventory Management and Time & Attendance)

12 ERP Yearly Subscription - Cloud Based

Renews Yearly.

2 Barcode Scanner R850.000.00%R1,700.00
Sub Total R18,840.00
Tax R0.00
Paid -R18,840.00
Total Due R0.00

Account Name : Fokus (Pty) Ltd
Account No : 11990008568
Account Type : Current Account
Branch Name : NedBank Maseru
Branch No : 9254
Branch Code : 390161
Swift Code : NEDLLSMX
IBR Number : 57478