About Us

Fokus (Pty) Ltd (Trading name being FokusGroup) originates from a group of Developers and Designers who started this work as Freelancers in 2013 and the company legally registered in 2015

This specific name came about due to the fact that we are digging into details of today’s technology, providing high-quality services for our customers in websites, information system development and standardized computer support, Digital Marketing and networking service. Since our country is a developing country, as a company, we realized the rapid acceleration of technology in the world and decided to make a difference in our country. Fokusgroup has realized a business opportunity from potential individuals, companies and public sectors.


Our mission is to utilize our expertise to provide high quality services for our customers in websites, information system development and to provide standardized computer support, networking services and computers & appliances sales.


  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Innovation and creativity in technological skills.

Goals of the Company

The success of an enterprise is dependent upon setting up goals and objectives which provide direction for an enterprise.

Short Term:

  • In a short term we hope to achieve the following goals:
  • Educate and train employees with and without the relevant skills to enhance their level of competence in the workplace
  • Tender projects ethically and professionally
  • Complete every project on time, within budget and in good quality
  • To comply with statutory and regulatory requirements

Long Term:

  • Expand our business
  • To become the leading consulting firm in the world
  • Earn respect from our competitors in the market
  • Specialists in technical excellence

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